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Lets talk about Lizzo... But not her body...


...Although this post is going to talk about talking about her body.

Confused? Me too, let's begin!

I absolutely LOVE Lizzo. When I am having a crisis of confidence or self esteem I put on her music, have a kitchen disco and suddenly I am back to being aware of how flipping great I am!

Her music does explore themes around self esteem and body confidence so it seems only natural that people will comment on her body... but flipping heck, recently there has been SO much written about her body (...and the irony is not lost on me that what I am writing right now is talking about her body).

Some fitness celeb in the US implied a few days ago that Lizzo's weight meant she would get diabetes. Not gonna name the celeb as they don't need anymore free press. This led to a surge in content being posted about how gruelling Lizzo's schedule must be and how when she is on stage she is working out hard! Many pointed out that being fat is not an indicator of how "unhealthy" someone is and that it is quite clear that Lizzo has to train hard to have the stamina to sing, dance and play the flute for 2 solid hours! I shared about it too because, yuh, it's true. I know plenty of straight sized people that would not be able to keep up with that level of physical activity.

But today I realised, why oh WHY are we even having to do this? Why are we talking about her body? Why are we having to write blogs, opinion pieces and insta posts about this? She is a MUSICIAN. Discuss her lyrics, discuss her music... but why is her body being brought into it? And the truth is, it's because she's a woman. If she was a man I highly doubt her body would be being discussed all over the internet and press.

Because women especially are not allowed to be fat. And if we are we better be apologising about it or on a diet or hiding away. Then along comes Lizzo, confident, using her musical talent and making no apology for who she is and the world can't cope.

Well, I hope Lizzo's example will get more fat babes using their talents and being visible in the world. Not just in the music industry but in business, charity, education... the list goes on. Fat women - you are allowed to be visible and you are allowed to not be on a diet. Use your talents and show the world exactly what you're made of.

And let's all just flipping back off Lizzo and let her get on with making more music that makes women around the world proud of the body and skin they're in.


(Oh, and I know I used the word 'flipping' in this like 200 times - it's my word of the moment okay.)

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